Request a 90-minute Revenue Archetype Workshop to decide once and for all:

  • Who is an ideal customer?
  • What segments are the best fit for your products and services?
  • A clear target market definition for sales and marketing.

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Katie (1)

Katie Martell - Advisor & B2B Strategist

"I recommend this free workshop for all B2B revenue leaders who want new clarity on their target audience. It’s the foundation for all go-to-market strategies."

Forrest (1)

Forrest Leighton - VP of Marketing, CB Insights

"We know our buyers, and we know our ideal customer. But, the Revenue Archetype workshop helped us align our global targeting criteria to the prospect data fueling our marketing campaigns. I highly recommend this fun and easy workshop to revenue leaders and demand generation teams who want to ensure their database reflects their market, accurately." 


Kristen Wright - CMO, Forj

"Before the workshop, we had clarity on our ICP, but the exercise helped us refine and improve it. After the workshop we were able to acquire and segment contact data to reach our ideal buyers."

Our signature Revenue Archetype™ workshop helps businesses define their market segment, identify all the customers in their total addressable market, and pinpoint the personas that make up the buying unit.

What is included in our workshop?

Our five-step process:

Client tells us of what they want and need. Timelines are set. (6)
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We identify your ideal customer by asking the right questions.

  • What leads does your sales team get excited about?
  • Who are the personas in your decision-making unit?
  • What are your green flags and red flags?
  • What geographies and industries matter to you?

Whether you are a high-growth startup or established company, our Revenue Archetypeprocess will help you:

  • Align your sales and marketing strategies.
  • Support your ABM strategy.
  • Maximize revenue growth by having access to all companies and decision-makers in your market.
  • Increase conversion and efficiency of your funnel.
  • Generate more leads within your target market.


Marketing Database Update-01

Sample Revenue Archetype

Check out an example of what you’ll receive following our Revenue Archetype Workshop. A clear, concise definition of all the customers in your total addressable market, and the personas that make up your buying units.